Personal Computer Support


RJSCS offers a variety of personal computer support options.

Computer Tune Up

After years of use, many computers slow down significantly. Lots of factors contribute to this including malware and unneeded program installations. For example, If you have installed the software that comes with an HP printer it will normally load no less than 7-10 extra programs onto your computer. All but 1 are normally needed to actually run the printer. Even brand new computers are often loaded with a lot of unneeded programs that generally take up computer resources and space. A quick tuneup from RJS by removing these extras will speed up your computer.


Virus and Malware Support

Our customers often complain about virus’s and malware infecting their computers. From minor malware to serious viruses RJS Computer services can have your computer back up and running efficiently in no time.


Proactive Support

If the hard drive in your computer failed right now and you didn’t have any backups, what would you lose? Have you backed up your digital pictures up to an external source in the last few months? Hardware errors do occur and sometimes they can be catastrophic. RJS has had customers in recently that have lost years of pictures and documents due to hard drive crashes and ransom ware viruses.

Personally, our family has over 50,000 pictures of growing kids, vacations, hunting pictures, etc. It would be a hard pill to swallow if they were all lost and unrecoverable. RJS Computer Services can offer pro-active tips and support for helping you choose the best options for backing up your personal files and pictures. Some options are even cheap or free. For instance, are you an Amazon Prime member? If so you can now backup all of your pictures to the Amazon Cloud for free as part of your membership.



Often times “computer techs” are often hard to understand. Education is just as important fixing the issue. Understanding why the issue or problem happened and how it can be prevented in the future.

Education also includes general usage. Maybe there is nothing specifically wrong with your computer but you might want to know if there is a better way of doing something or just want some general technical tips. RJS Computer Services is more than happy to help with computer training explained in easily understandable terms.

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