How secure is your home network?

I am always trying to keep up to date on website security.  I install an application on all my clients websites to make them more secure.  The application is called Wordfence and it has great features for protecting websites.  So what does this have to do with your home network even if you don’t have a website?  According to a report Wordfence compiled almost 10% of website attacks come from home based routers and modems.  These are the same routers and modems used in every home that has internet access whether it be from Cable One, Centurylink, Farmers, Safelink, Ispeed or any ISP that provides internet to homes or small businesses.

Because these devices are public facing they can be scanned from different sources all over the world.  If these home based routers and modems have a vulnerability they can be used to attack other sites and institutions as well as potentially gain access to your internal devices.

Wordfence provide’s a quick test to see if the most common ports are open on your home network.

Is your Home Network Vulnerable?

To run the test click on the link below from a computer or phone that is connected to your home or work network or wifi (it won’t work if you run from a mobile device off wifi). Once you open the link, scroll down click on the blue SCAN ME button.

If the scan reports back any issues you can do their recommended steps or contact RJS Computer Services for a quick consultation.

Test Your Home Network