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Test Your Home Network

How secure is your home network? I am always trying to keep up to date on website security.  I install an application on all my clients websites to make them more secure.  The application is called Wordfence and it has great features for protecting websites.  So what...

Has Your Facebook Been Hacked?

It seems that every few days I get a friend request from someone who I thought I was already friends with. It looks like the account has a bunch of mutual friends with me so it must be legit. Hmmmmmm. Maybe they got locked out of their account and had to create a new...

What is Ransomeware?

What is Ransomeware? Have you heard of the virus type of Ransomware? Even if you haven't watch the short video below to get a brief overview of one of the newest digital weapon threatening both home and business computers. Even if you have antivirus software on your...

RJSCS Recommendations

I am always being asked for advice on which type of technology to purchase.  Whether it is a laptop, desktop, printer, or wifi here are a few suggestions. 

Computer hardware and accessories

Web Development Hosting

Affiliate Disclosure: Any items purchased from either of the links above will result in a small commission.  The cost will be the same regardless and I have used or use the products I recommend.